Your digital gateway to the real world

Binocule will enable you to discover and find real world updates about people, place, things and activities in real time.

A browser for the real world.

Around you and far away.

Find real time location

of your favorite businesses on mobile, eg foodtruck, waste collectors, icecream, transport etc

Pin to your personal scape

Save objects such as trucks, your dog, your kid schoolbus etc to you own map so you see all in real time.

Search and browse

Find and browse through scapes that contains a specific objects, eg all icecream cart in newyork in real time.

For Organisations

Our enterprise apps enable your assetts to become visible to all people, ranging from customers to partners and employees.

Digitize your assetts

  • Make a digital copy for your trucks, bus, etc
  • Showcase your assetts location in real time.
  • Be discoverable by your audience in the real world

Publish to the world

  • Enable customers to follow your assetts
  • Publish real time location when online
  • Send updates to followers

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